You are welcomed to being introduced at our decision platform

Connecting individuals in a sustainable market, our goal is to contribute to a healthy communication, especially among talented staff and commercial environmental professionals.

Creating comfort and ease in establishing beneficial contacts, we build intersubjective spheres in the conduction between ESG-oriented market segments and socially active, open-minded communities.

We want to open the curtain of inside-company processes introducing leading market players to their prime opportunities, betting on ethically-correct communication. We are relying on adequacy, using our platform to encourage the appearance of business connections, and prioritizing the live action.

Our uppermost ambition is to involve numerous environmental and social experts. It will help us to build Your business, making it long-term value, and the publicity will learn more about it. Let’s commit our words and actions using our skills at Geosteja.

You can grow your potential at Geosteja, helping other users develop their vision. Companies, activists, brands, and inspirators – are all become a part of the Geostaja decision platform. In reward – the colossal field for action( in real life/WEB), and the community with the common point of view, creating their best intentions for true beliefs, goods for people.

You can join us right now to begin this incredible journey, and the bottom is upside down.

We will appreciate your financial and moral support. As a young start-up team, we respect our supporters, and it will also be a pleasure for us to have you as a leading users one day.